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Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers help addicts and alcoholics find the best treatment for their addiction. We place you in the right drug and alcohol treatment facility that accommodates all of your needs.

The drug and alcohol rehab centers that we work with are dedicated towards your recovery. They offer comprehensive treatment plans tailored to suit the needs of each individual patient. Through addiction treatment programs, you will gain the necessary tools and knowledge in order to live the life of sobriety that you've always wanted. Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers takes the topic of addiction very seriously, as we place a major priority on finding the right treatment facility for those suffering from addiction.

The term "addiction," however, tends to be used quite loosely in our society, oftentimes as an exaggerated expression of some sort. The overall concept of addiction, however, is a very serious topic and should never be used so loosely in significant situations.

The true definition of addiction is a chronic disease of the brain in which one is unable to consistently abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, or other toxic behaviors. Like any other chronic disease, addiction can progress. With this progression can come only 3 inevitable resolutions -- jail, institutions, or death.

However, addiction can also regress if the right treatment is put into play. With the right alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, anyone suffering from addiction can recover. If you want to be placed in the right treatment facility, then call Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers today at (856) 347-4839.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill, NJ Drug Epidemic

Drug addiction in Cherry Hill, or any city in New Jersey for that matter, is a serious epidemic that continues to get worse with each passing year. The opiate and heroin abuse problem in the state of New Jersey is the main perpetrator behind the staggering numbers to overdose-related deaths.

There are approximately 128,000 opiate or heroin users in New Jersey and according to health experts, those numbers will continue to grow. This epidemic claimed the lives of 1,587 people in 2015, of which 918 of those deaths were related solely to heroin, fentanyl, and other opiate overdoses.

According to recent data from the New Jersey Medical Examiner's Office, for every 43 hours that pass by, there will be 1 heroin or opiate related death to occur. Since 2010, the rate of these overdose deaths have tripled, awarding the Garden State with the death record of nearly 7 times to that of the national average.

Right now as you're reading this, there are people suffering from addiction in Cherry Hill, NJ that are literally living to die by the powerful grip of the disease. The addiction treatment programs that are offered at drug and alcohol treatment centers are tailored to meet the unique needs of every patient that walks through their doors.

Addiction Treatment Help With Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers

Many addiction counselors and medical personnel at drug and alcohol rehabs are not only well-trained addiction specialists, but many are successfully recovering addicts themselves. Chances are, they've not only heard your story, but have also been through many of the same circumstances. They want you to feel truly understood, as many addicts feel so misunderstood and uncomfortable in their skin that they turn to substance abuse in the first place. They will be there for you to listen, observe, and more importantly, help you to heal.

Drug and alcohol treatment is a healing process of the body, mind, and spirit, of which does not happen overnight. Treatment centers place great merit on practicing holistic treatment approaches alongside traditional methods of treatment. By combining the two, the patient is given the proper tools necessary to develop coping mechanisms -- something that addicts have not acquired during their active addiction.

These coping mechanisms will help the patient to identify relapse triggers and create healthy, productive habits to replace prior toxic ones. In many cases, it's not the "getting clean" portion of recovery that is the most difficult. In fact, it's the "living" part that is found to be the most difficult. Learning to live life without the use of drugs or alcohol is what true recovery is about.

To actually feel your feelings rather than suppressing them with substance abuse may seem like a dreadful reality. At a drug and alcohol treatment facility, they understand this completely and will do everything in their power to help. By participating in any of the addiction programs in Cherry Hill, you will learn how to maintain positive outlooks, foster healthy relationships, mend broken friendships, and pursue happiness in a life of sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Options in Cherry Hill, NJ

An inpatient drug rehab is considered to be the gold standard of addiction treatment, in which around-the-clock care is offered to their patients. A drug detox program in Cherry Hill helps to ease, and even eradicate, the terribly painful withdrawal symptoms of a newly clean patient. Medical personnel that specializes in medically-assisted detox understands that just the mere thought of "withdrawal" can be the most frightening thought that an addict can have. They make this process as easy, safe, and comfortable for the patient as possible so that they don't have to suffer in pain and discomfort, as this suffering often leads to a quick relapse.

Programs for dual diagnosis treatment involves the treating of both the substance addiction and an underlying psychological disorder (i.e. bipolar disorder, OCD, high-anxiety, etc.) In other words, addiction therapists blend the successful aspects of substance abuse treatment and mental health care. They can also help you stage an intervention for your addicted love one, which would be directed by a professional interventionist. According to recent studies, about 80% of addicts who have participated in a successfully executed intervention have made the commitment to seek help.

Make the Call to Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers

We understand that recovery requires a lot of change, and change can be a scary thing. A dedicated team of addiction therapists at a drug and alcohol rehab guide you through these changes for the better. They will create customized treatment plans to fit your individual needs so that you can recover effectively.

Don't let drugs and alcohol take control over your life. Let a drug and alcohol treatment center provide you with the tools to help you cope with your feelings, both throughout your recovery journey and after you've left treatment. You don't have to go at this alone. We will find you the most effective treatment possible. Call Cherry Hill Drug Rehab Centers now at (856) 347-4839.

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